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History of Toulouse

The Garonne and the canal du midi, of Saint-Sernin in the City of the Space, Toulouse scatters invitations to come to discover the numerous faces.

Be this guest who is alternately made pilgrim in churches, historian or passionate person of art in museums, browser on the Garonne and the expert of celestial bodies in the City of the Space.




Toulouse in images


Toulouse and St-Sernin Basilica and the banks of the Garonne. 


Our gourmet addresses + Infos

On your arrival and throughout your stay, we can give you our greedy addresses for the pleasure of your taste buds. Here are some must-see places to enjoy without moderation.


Anges & Démons

This is one of the best gastronomic addresses in Toulouse in a warm design and you can enjoy fine cuisine and full of memories (special mention at the head of home).

Tél :

Le Miroir  

At the cocktail hour on the beautiful Place St Georges or for a simple meal with fresh produce and two charming managers.

Tél :


REFERENCE in Toulouse for a gastronomic gourmet dinner but avoid having the pleasure of tasting the cuisine of Michel SARRAN.

Tél :

Le 7 St Sernin

On the square of the same name for a chic and tasty evening near the hotel.

Tél :

Le J'Go

Myth of the restoration of Toulouse, we are welcomed to J'Go in a room where are highlighted the portraits of local producers. We also congratulate the promotion of local products, in tribute to our beautiful terroir.

Tél : 05 61 23 02 03

Chez Carmen

Reference table of the Rose City, it raises all the charms of Toulouse cuisine under the leadership of the Carmen dynasty: Joachim originally Tony and now Olivier. At Carmen is definitely the den of meat products, served by three generations of enthusiasts.

Tél : 05 61 42 04 95

La Maison du Cassoulet

Here, we are proud of local products and proclaim Toulouse's identity with love and tasty specialties! The restaurant owners allow us to leave with a basket of the best products of the region!

Tél : 05 61 21 38 60

Le Genty Magre

You can discover this chic restaurant in the middle of the small alley that bears his name, where every dish is full of culinary creativity. A real monument of the Toulouse restaurant, exemplary service.

Tél : 05 61 21 38 60

Le Bibent

It is true that by passing the door of this institution, one remains without voice by discovering this old brewery of 1860 entirely restored 3 years ago. The refinement of the kitchen is the sumptuousness of the place to amaze you more.

Tél : 05 34 30 18 37

Les Copains d'Abord

Fresh produce, a brick wall, a beautiful structure, it is Toulouse until the decor, and in your plates it is gold.

Tél : 05 62 47 39 98


Musées et Galeries d'Expositions+ d'Infos


 Fondation Bemberg

Entering the hotel Assezat, it's opening the doors of an exceptional building, heritage of the Renaissance, in the heart of the Esquirol district. But not only! It is also to discover the whole collection of Georges Bemberg who, guided by his passion for Art, has assembled paintings, furniture, sculptures and objects whose quality only harmonizes with the variety.

Place d'Assézat
31000 Toulouse
05 61 12 06 89

 Musée des Abattoirs

Following the architectural work done on the old Toulouse slaughterhouses, the building with simplistic and rationalist looks is now intended to house the museum of contemporary art. After observing the many works that adorn the garden, the visitor can enjoy current exhibitions and engage in new visual experiences through the observation of works by different artists.

76, allée Charles de Fitte
3130p0 Toulouse
05 62 48 58 00


 Centre Méridional de l'Architecture et de la Ville

The CMAV is an opportunity to discover the peculiarities of urban planning in Toulouse, to understand the issues. It is interesting to know the movements that animate it as well as the social and societal problems they raise. Well, that's exactly what the institution has set for itself through its exhibitions, lectures and other debates.

5, rue Saint Pantaléon
31000 Toulouse
05 61 23 30 49


 La Galerie du Château d'eau

The Château d'Eau Gallery is above all a remarkable historical monument. Built by Jean Abadie and Jean-Antoine Raynaud, the Château d'Eau provided 90 fountains from 1823 to 1870. But it is also a world-renowned exhibition site, founded by the French photographer Jean Dieuzaide. The oldest public institution exclusively dedicated to photography in France, the Galerie du Château d'Eau hosts a dozen exhibitions every year.

1, pl Laganne
31000 Toulouse
05 61 77 09 40


Vie estivale à Toulouse


Music events this summer in Toulouse

The history and tradition that connect Toulouse to music are very old. Toulouse, city of music but perhaps more, Toulouse city of music. A musical plurality of which we are proud, which we encourage and which has forged the identity of Toulouse of the summer over the years. Its programming encompasses both classical aesthetics and contemporary music, jazz or world music.

Many concerts take place this summer in rooms of Toulouse such as the Zenith, the Dynamo, the Mandala, the Metronum, the Casino Barrière, the church Saint-Pierre Kitchens, the cereals room or the Teatre du Capitole.

Events are also held in the streets and halls of Toulouse throughout the season, such as Rio Loco or the summer festival.

Composite and cosmopolitan, Rio Loco is a key event in the landscape of summer festivals. Each year, he succeeds in creating affinities, stimulating new multidisciplinary projects and bringing together the biggest names on the international scene in front of more than 100,000 people. Most of the music and art programming is concentrated in the 6-hectare Filter Prairie in the heart of Toulouse, in mid-June, on the banks of the Garonne River.
High place of cultural life in Toulouse, the pre filter is the green lung of the city: it comes with family, friends, weekends, picnics, stroll along the water. After the 2013 edition of Antillas, exceptional for its success, the Caribbean is in the spotlight this year, from June 12 to 16.

For this 11th edition, the summer festival of Toulouse opens the doors of an eclectic musical program with "the key of the sounds". For several years, the festival has become an essential event of the Toulouse cultural season. It is the image of what our city is, diverse and plural, generous and open to the world. To discover from July 15 to August 8 throughout the city.

French musical life is nothing without its fetish day. Indeed, on June 21, streets, music bars and concert halls are invested by musicians of all kinds. Rendezvous around the city around the best local bands for this traditional festival dedicated to all music.


Festivals and events this summer in Toulouse

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The Occitània festival proposes to meet Occitan culture, with more than 80 events in Toulouse and in the region, on the theme of "Entre entre du mars". The program is colorful, rich and varied and explores all forms of occitan creation. There is something for everyone: poetry, cinema, storytelling, dance, comics, theater, exhibitions, conferences, concerts ... The festival is organized by the Institute of Estudis Occitans of the Haute-Garonne and takes place from September 20th to November. 1st.

Toulouse beach

This summer, Toulouse Plages plants its parasols on the banks of the Garonne: Pré des Filtres, Quai de la Daurade, Quai du Monde-Républicain-Espagnol (former Port Viguerie) but also the Raymond VI garden and the EDF Bazacle district.
Sports activities on the filter side (rowing, beach volleyball, climbing wall, trampoline, golf, fitness, relaxation ...). Still on the left bank, the quay of l'Éxil-Républicain-Espagnol makes the happiness of the youngest with its Ferris wheel and labyrinth, while the Raymond VI garden brings together fans of petanque, badminton and other traditional games. On the other side of the river, the quai de la Daurade favors softness, dance and concerts: a musical break on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm, salsa balls and dance classes, a soft and morning gym class of aquatic relaxation. to the elderly. Finally, the EDF Bazacle area invites you to read and offers a weekly meeting to lovers of slam and oral poetry, "Les mots libres" on Tuesdays at 2pm.
Lovers of sports, leisure, concerts or poetry, whether you prefer to be active or relax on a deck chair, Toulouse Plages intends to satisfy all desires, all generations, disabled included, most activities are now accessible to all.

Toulouse the Spanish

This festival is dedicated to the memory of the Spanish exiles in Toulouse in 1939, who contributed to its cultural wealth. The evening takes place at the edge of the Garonne, on the old port of the Viguerie, quay which owes its name to the Spanish exile of 2009.


Tourist information office of Toulouse

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